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The ECBI is an organization whose mission is to promote literacy and creativity in all ages by offering the necessary tools and outlets for reading, writing and artistic expression through the production and use of COMICS!

The ECBI is a 3 Phase Program:
  1. The ECBI promotes literacy through comics.
  2. It also engages students in an afterschool setting where they make their own comics.
  3. In addition the ECBI also develops an interactive community of creators, industry professionals, educators, parents and comic book enthusiasts.


Creators of S.P.A.C.E., I am Captain Comic Book. I represent the Elyria Comic book Initiative AND, I have an offer for you. Draw/create your own rendition of me and allow the ECBI to display it at S.P.A.C.E. Fans will vote on their favorite and the winner will receive a "comp" table for the weekend. There are no rules other than have fun. You can submit your entry ahead of time or at the show. Please visit our gallery to view the section titled Captain Comic Book and Lady Literacy by other artists to see more pictures of us!

Please direct questions and submissions to ken@elyriacomicbookinitiative.org.

Click on more news below to view the flyer for this event. Hope to see you at the show!


Operation Comic Book and Free Comic Book Day 2012 printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Click here to view the article.


ECBI presents  Operation Comic Book!

Bundled learning system
designed to promote
literacy & creativity through
comic books.

Step 1 – Identify Launching Pads:
schools, churches, libraries,
learning centers, Scouts.
Provide free comic books to everyone.
Form a comic book club: enlist Comic Book Cadets.

Step 2 – Conduct “Let’s Make Comic Books” program: general program where students create original comic books. Phase two focuses on dedicated theme-based stories.

Step 3 – Develop properties through vertical channels:

Photography, stop-motion animation, sculpt your character, paint your cover, act out scenes from your story, create a theme song, video games, motion comic books.

Step 4 – Celebrate with a comic book “Funday”:

Display all work. Invite student body, family and community. Vote on best work and award scholarships.

Operation Comic Book can be launched at the beginning of the school year or early January. Comic book “Fundays” can be held in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day.

During the summer months, look for advanced programming and regional competitions for scholarship opportunities.

Summer conventions, movie premiers, and special events will provide a great way to stay connected to fellow Cadets. Check out the ECBI channel page for a listing of career opportunities and education pathways.

Life-long learning. One comic book at a time.

ECBI Channel
May 2015

Create Your Own Comic Book Workshop for Home-Schooled Students in Northeastern, Ohio starting April 4th in Oberlin Ohio.

Class will run Thursdays April 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm at the Oberlin Depot Park. Please contact our instructor Margaret Box at margaret@elyriacomicbookinitiative.org or call at 440-666-5089 to learn more about cost and registration.

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